The one with the fraud….

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I have a confession… I am a fraud…..

Not always… but recently I am not who I say I am. To be honest I have not been that person for a good month or so. I have not been honest with you or myself. I have to clear the air…. I am not a runner (at least not right now).

I have lost it (no not mentally though my husband might say otherwise). I have lost the love of running. Some where in the chaos I let my life overrule my exercise and I got lost. To be honest I kind of liked it. I like to take a break from time to time but I can’t shake this guilt in the back of my mind telling me I should be running… as I write this I have run a grand total of 1 time in the last 10 days. Don’t get me wrong… I have plans to run just about every day but things get in the way especially my laziness of late.

I could come up with a thousand excuses for you…. we just bought a house in FL and have been going back and forth to get it ready, we were in Costa Rica, been planning parties at the kid’s school, writing for the Red Current and Minneapolis Running, and training our new puppy (Harry Potter). The list could go on and on but the truth is that I just haven’t felt it. I miss it from time to time but not enough to do it. In fact the one time I did do it I only ran 4 miles and it was tough… amazing how quick you lose endurance. I have been doing yoga sculpt and shred so I am not fat yet but I fear I may be headed in that direction.


Here is my plea to all of you…. what do you do to get motivated? How do you get your mojo back? I have good intentions but lack of follow through right now and it is making me crabby. I am angry at myself for being lazy and crabby in general because if you know me you know I need to run some adrenaline out or I go crazy. So here I am…. a little crazy… a lot lazy… and wanting to get going!

Writing it makes it more real and makes me kind of want to get back at it. Listen, I am not saying that taking a break is a bad thing, in fact I think it can be very helpful but only if you take it on whole heartedly. What is wrong with my situation is that what started as a conscious break turned into sheer laziness and lack of motivation coupled with daily guilt over not getting out there. I either need to poop or get off the pot. I need to run or allow myself to break and feel no guilt about it. I want to get excited about running but I don’t know how.

There you go… my soul bared… I didn’t want you guys to know because I wanted you to think of me as a “runner” but the truth is that even the “runners” need time off… I just need to find what gets me going again… the sooner the better before I gain 40 pounds over the Holidays….

Merry Christmas Y’all!


The one where its gotta be a BIA….

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I remember the first time my cousin- Bekah (of Mill City Running) talked me into a GPS watch. I figured they were for the “real runners”, what did I need with one. I quickly fell in love with know my time, distance, pace, etc.…. at times to a fault. I was enthralled with knowing but hated the weight and constant updates needed. As an apple junkie you can imagine that I was excited when they announced their new apple watch… what an amazing piece of equipment for any runner. Again though I worried about the size and weight, I am little person and feeling things “on” me when I run drives me crazy. I am not one of those runners that can run with her phone because it is too cumbersome… not doing this poses a problem for tracking as well. So I guessed I would have to deal with whatever apple threw my way since I was tired of my Garmin…. That is until I stumbled across an ad for a new GPS watch designed just for women call the Bia.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 1.49.50 PM

Bia did not just “shrink and pink” a GPS watch as they say…. They revolutionized the running watch for women. They added an SOS feature, super fast GPS connect, live tracking, and automatic uploads to your favorite workout app, not to mention workout plans. Best of all… it isn’t just a running watch, you can use it for biking and swimming too- it is completely waterproof.

I set out to test-drive this watch on a sunny morning in Florida. First thing is first, the watch piece on your wrist is very light, comfortable, and easy to operate. The reason they can accomplish this is because the crux of the device are in the Go Stick, which easily attaches onto your waistband. It is hardly noticeable at only 44g weight and smaller than most GU’s, and trust me… I am weird about thinks weighing me down as I run, and I did not notice it.


You simple shake the GO stick to activate it and watch how fast it connects to GPS. This is one of my biggest complaints with other watches I have used… I travel a lot and they seem to take forever to connect to GPS in a new location… most of the times they wont connect at all if you haven’t “updated” them which is so irritating. Bia isn’t like that-it connected in MN as fast as it did in FL with no updates… in fact it updates on its own which is a god sent to me. The GO Stick holds a charge for 17 hours. and brace yourself…. the watch never needs to be charged… EVER! How incredible is that?

While out on the run it seemed very accurate and was easy to read. I tried the SOS feature, which I love as a female runner who runs alone in different states frequently. All you have to do is press and hold the only button on the watch and it sends a text to whomever you set up that tells them you are in distress and your exact location. It is also easy to cancel if you do it on accident. I checked in with my hubby when I got home to make sure it worked and in fact it did, which is piece of mind for him as well. The other cool thing is that you can allow others to live track you that again brings piece of mind when you are out on the open road alone.


As soon as I got home it quickly and wirelessly synced my data with MapMyFitness, and there it was on my phone for me to check out. I loved that I did not have to do anything, my kind of toy!

Last but not least, I also really like that Bia does not take themselves too seriously. The comments that come on the screen after a workout make me smile and chuckle. Something my Nike watch did not do when it said “way to get out there” after I ran my first marathon… really Nike….


They also came out with a men’s version… so don’t fret boys… you can have one too 🙂 I am working my angles to try to get the men’s and women’s watches into Mill City Running so you can all buy local and still get an amazing product!

Overall I am in love with this watch, it is exactly what I have been waiting for. Something petite, with safety features that does not sacrifice design or reliability. Bia nailed it, and I am happy to say I will be paying to keep my demo watch and I will love every minute with it. Sorry apple but this girl is a Bia girl now…

Happy Running!


The one with 5 things….

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I have been busy…. in a good way but still busy. I have been writing for Red Current and Minneapolis Running. Two blogs that are much cooler than mine and worth checking out. I felt like I should get back to my running-writing roots… so I wrote the piece below for Minneapolis Running and wanted to share it with you all as well… so I’m back I guess 🙂

When one starts to become a “runner” something changes… not immediately… but over time. You start to see things differently, feel things in another way, and grow in ways you didn’t even know you needed to.

Running changes you… in ways you didn’t even know were possible. For me running made a dramatic difference in my life…. How so? Well… I divulge….

5 things running has taught me about life.

1. That speeding up can help you slow down…

I learned this one the hard way. Many of you may have read my blog for the Red Current on my struggle with anxiety. I tried therapy and medication and both helped significantly but running plays one of the biggest roles in my anxiety release.

I found out that the harder, faster, longer, and more days I ran the easier it was to release the adrenaline build up from the anxiety and therefore I am able to level myself out more.

It is kind of a natural and easy way to slow my thoughts down and help me function at a more even level. It helps align my thoughts and calm my fears.

2. That holding on can help you let go…

Our everyday responsibilities can get the best of us… the to-do lists that never end… the constant demands. How do you get away from it all… how do you make time for you?

For me setting a goal or a signing up for a race and holding steadfast to the training helped me let go of all the other things I “should” be doing and focus on what I “needed” to do for me.

We so often put ourselves on the back burner and start this vicious cycle where we wear ourselves down and lose sight of who we are. Make a goal and stay true to you… you deserve it.

3. That going alone is good for the collective soul…

I love my running partner…. Lets just put that out there. There are many times when she holds me accountable and in fact she gives me a reason to look forward to running.

That being said there is something about being out there on the open road alone. I am a mother of 2 girls whom I love dearly but there are times when the only “me” time I get is when I am out on a run.

Even when there is a hard day or I don’t want to go I try to remember that that run is necessary for me to be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend and so I lace up and head out the door.


4. That accepting help is not admitting defeat…

This was a tough one for me. I am a type A, perfectionist, and stubborn… I always think there is nothing I can’t do on my own… or at least do better on my own. Admitting failure or inadequacy is painful for me… I mean gut wrenching!

So when I decided to finally cross “running a marathon” off my bucket list it pained me to ask for help training…. But I knew I needed the help of a professional.

Lucky for me I did not have to look far… my cousin Bekah Metzdorf- co-owner of the very best running store in MN- Mill City Running– is also a running coach. Not only did she get me all set with gear, shoes, and GU … she developed a plan tailored just for me.

I highly recommend getting a coach if you can. If not… bet active in the running community… ask other runners for their experiences, stories, advice, and mantras. Don’t be afraid… runners are generally nice people 😉

5. That you can in fact run away from your problems…

This one touches a little on #1 as well. I felt all this pent up adrenaline and at times like the things going on in my life were too much… I needed to get away. In those moments the very best thing to go is lace up and get out!

You will be amazing how much more you can align your thoughts and feelings after that run. Something happens out there on the road… on your own… it all calms down and yet all comes together. Life just doesn’t feel as scary after your run. You come back refreshed and adjusted.

Of course these are all just my experiences but I feel like most of them are a common thread in the running community. I run because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.

Something happens when your feet hit the pavement… your problems seem to melt off your soles and set everything right with your soul.


You think you know but you have no idea…

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Posted on The Red Current on 8/25/14

Alisha Perkins

I am more than Glen Perkins wife. I am many things…so I thought I would give you 25 things about me you may not know.

Hopefully it will help you feel more connected to me as you continue reading my blogs on RedCurrent.

1. I am very protective of my pillows…I need certain ones to sleep at night
2. My food obsessions are pecan nut thins and sweet tango apples with peanut butter
3. I might have a Starbucks addiction
4. I believe the biggest illusion is the illusion of control: we all want it and only God has it
5. I once flew to Chicago to see Glee live with girlfriends (for their sake I won’t name them)
6. I eat at Sawa Japan Steakhouse in Lakeville at least twice a week
7. Before 2010 I had never ran further than two miles
8. My life would be so much easier if I liked coffee or beer
9. I wish I was a little bit taller
10. I have a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota…Go Gophers!
11. I was raised in hockey family and knew nothing about baseball until I married Glen…p.s. hockey still trumps baseball in my book
12. I am just starting to venture into shoes…until now I was a practical shoe buyer
13. I love, love, love the Minnesota State Fair
14. My all time favorite TV shows are Felicity and Friday Night Lights
15. Our daughters were named after TV characters…Addison Montgomery (Greys Anatomy) and Lyla Garrity (Friday Night Lights)
16. I was born and raised in Lakeville… and still live here now. I am a 4th generation Lakeville-ian
17. I loved rap music in middle school
18. I chopped nine inches off my hair in 2010 and will never go back
19. I have never worn eye shadow…and just recently learned how to do eyeliner and fill in your eyebrows. I’m a makeup newbie
20. My favorite run in MN is running all 3 lakes (Calhoun, Harriet, and Isles) it is the perfect 10 miles
21. I am a fiercely loyal friend
22. I have a love/hate relationship with social media
23. I have ran 16 half marathons and only 1 full… but never ran a 5k
24. I am a sucker for better healthy eating and lifestyle books
25. I have not been to a Twins game since 2012

Fifteens 5k: What happens when you least expect it….

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Heads up… I have been hired as a contributing blogger for the Red Current… this is pretty exciting for me… I feel honored that someone likes my writing enough to hire me….
That being said… most of what I post on here will also be on there as well.. just so you know 🙂

I have to start with a confession…

I was a little worried about Fifteen’s 5k this year. Not because we weren’t going to have enough mascots or players, and not because we were unprepared, but I was nervous because of the All-Star Game. You might be wondering how something that took place nearly a month earlier could make me nervous….


When a city has the honor of hosting the All-Star Game MLB makes them also host a 5k…and this was bad news for us. Ironically the All-Star Game was not a bad thing for our family of course (that’s a whole other blog) but it could be bad for business when it came to Fifteens 5k.

I worried that if people had to choose monetarily between our 5k and the All-Star Game one that they would pick the All-Star one since it only happens once every 30 or so years….Though ours was clearly better ☺

I fretted for months about it, hoping we could turn out the same number as last year…and then as if I wasn’t stressed enough, rain threatened to derail our usually sunny 5k.

Fifteens 5k

But a funny thing happened….

Not only did it not rain, and not only did we have the same amount of runners, but somewhere along the way you all inspired me when I had actually set up the race to inspire you. I wanted to entice people who otherwise wouldn’t run to get out there…so I baited you with access to Target Field, and player appearances. What I didn’t expect was to be reeled in by you all.

Fifteens 5k

Running is a funny thing because they say we were made to do it, but that doesn’t mean it comes easy….not even for those of us who do it all the time…but each and every one of you pushing your limits and breaking down barriers on Sunday reminded me why we all need to be active. Thank you for reminding me why we do this. Thank you for giving part of yourselves for something bigger.

Thank you to the runners, volunteers, cheerleaders, mascots, sponsors, vendors, players, media, staff and fans.

You came in from South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa and all parts of Minnesota, all walks of life….male, female, young, old, heavy, thin, in wheelchairs, on shoulders, and holding hands. You ran by, smiled and high-fived me, but what you didn’t know was that you were touching my soul and changing my life as you did it.

You came out for a cause and I hope you left with a purpose.


~Alisha Perkins

The one in the box…

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I felt a lot of pressure when it came to this posting… it had been such a long time and I felt like I couldn’t blog again until I had something really good to say…. and thats when it hit me…. the pressure…. the pressure that we put on ourselves…. and the boxes that we put ourselves into…. as moms, as wives, as people, and as runners.

This occurred to me out on one of my recent long runs… I had to take a few weeks off for personal reasons after christmas and just started running again in Feb. I have been working my way up to running the Minneapolis Marathon again (and it hasnt been easy) and hopefully this time qualifying for Boston. To be honest- I can’t even believe that I just told you that…. that in and of itself is outside my box. You see… I can’t ever do something half ass…. if I say I am going to do something and then it doesn’t happen I beat myself up and feel as though I let others down… so-letting you in on my secret… on my hope…. is huge for me- it is my first step outside my box. 

So I got my cousin- Bekah Metzdorff (owner of Mill City Running– the amazing running store in Minneapolis that you MAY have seen my hubby rocking their cozy sweatshirts) to write me a training plan because aside from owning a great store she is also a running coach. So I embarked on the journey to another marathon…. Bekah gave me times I should be hitting in order to be able to run a boston qulaitifying time and at first I was not hitting them… and to be quite honest I am not sure if I will… but when I started to get wrapped up in it and focused on the fact that I was not able to do what I was supposed to do thats when she reminded me that in running if you are too focused on time, distance, or whatever and you lose the fun…. it becomes a chore and you will grow to hate it.

I realized that I do this a lot in life… I put myself in a box and think I cannot be anything outside of the box…. I am a runner so I need to run several times a week…. I dress sporty so I cannot be a fashionista…. I don’t wear much makeup so I cannot put eyeliner on….. I wear running shoes and toms most of the time so I cannot wear heels… I am a mom so I cannot have tattoos….. I  don’t eat dairy to gluten so I can never cheat……. and the ridiculous thing about it is that we all do it… think others think of us one way and if we stray from that then what will they think? 

The answer is who cares? I feel like it has taken me way too long to get to that answer…. who cares….. you are who you are and even though you may be something most of the time, you can step outside and be something else at other times. So I am going to be a fashionista, wear heels, put on eyeliner, get tattoos (that the hubby approves 🙂 and run when I want…. because in life as in running- if you over think it and put too much pressure on it then it loses the fun and who wants that?

So Boston 2015? I hope so…. I am going to do my damnedest but in the mean time I am going to try to have fun….and I won’t put myself into a box anymore… 

Distance: going to bed because I have to run 13 miles tomorrow!

Song: “The Monster”- Eminem and Rihanna

Quote: “Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit”



The family on St. Patricks day….